1. What does the written report look like?
    The report focuses on the utility value of the property. It covers economical, juridical and structural aspects of the purchase object. For example, the report calculates your personal break-even point buying the property. Furthermore, we scan the object for flaws. The report is tailor-made for our customers as it reflects your personal and financial situation and whether you want to own-occupy the property or rent it out on the market. Based on the report you can make an informed decision as the report evaluates the propery price, yields and risks connected.
  2. Do you make a current market appraisal (“Verkehrswertgutachten”)?
    Our report is NOT a current market appraisal (“Verkehrswertgutachten”) according to §194 German Building Code (“Baugesetzbuch”). A “Verkehrswertgutachten” can only be issued by a publicly appointed and sworn expert for developed and undeveloped plots. As such it can be used in court or other juridical contexts. However, a “Verkehrswertgutachten” is of little help for private investors as the property value is determined by a rigid calculation method. For example, present rents are to be multiplied over the remaining property life. However, it is unlikely that rents stay stable for the upcoming decades. For our report we have adjusted the calculation and offer an appraisal that is closer to the real market value. In addition and for your guidance only, we determine the earning value by the “Verkehrswertgutachten”, too.
  3. What is the perfect offer for me?
    If you have more or less already decided to buy the property and all you need is an external “check”, chose option “document”. This option is for clients from all over Germany. In other cases, we recommend the “standard” offer as it includes a property inspection in the Berlin region. If you wish, we offer additional services that can range from constructional assessments to market appraisals based on the offical purchase price register.
  4. Are you a broker?
    No we are not a broker. In fact, some brokers offer consultant services to private buyers/sellers. However, often the only aim of these services is to close a contract between buyer/seller and the broker. For this purpose, broker offer free “appraisals” of property objects. We doubt the value of such appraisals and reject this kind of business methods. Our report is free from any second interests and serves only the client.
  5. What is a “share of price reduction?”
    Unfortunately, there are real estate advisors on the market who make buyers signing an unfair contract. The buyer accepts that the adviser receives a share of the price reduction, if the property owner reduces the price. We strongly reject this business model. In fact, many of our clients based on our report are able to negotiate a better price. However, no one can promise you that the owner reduces the price. With this dubious business model private buyers face unpredictable additional costs. This is why we work with fixed prices. With our services you always know what you get for what price!
  6. Who are your customers?
    We advise private real estate buyers who invest in property in Germany. Usually for owner-occupiers or for renting the property out on the market. We advise you in German, English, Russian, Czech and Slovak. The report language is German, however we can arrange a translation for you.