This is how we advise you buying real estate property in Germany:

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You have already found a property, but you are not sure whether it is worth buying? You have doubts concerning price, costs or the building itself? Our real estate expert office has specialized in advising private property buyers in Germany. Send us an email (  and tell us your situation and your impression of the property. We will dicuss further steps necessary.

Examining Documentation

You send us the relevant documents for the property in question. Usually, you receive them from the owner or the real estate agent. If you intend buying a flat relevant documents are the extract from land register, declaration of land division, general principles of the owners’ community, economic plans and minutes of the yearly owners’ meeting. If you are buying a family home we need relevant documents on the building structure itself. In addition, for the profitability analysis we need details about your personal situation with respect to your present rental costs and your plan financing the property. With these documents we can already make a first property appraisal. For clients outside of Berlin-Brandenburg region this service often suffices.

Property Inspection

We meet at the property and interview the real estate agent or the owner. Together we look for obvious flaws and verify the Data from the relevant documents wie received beforehand. If you expect serious damage (mold, cracks in the masonry…) or you are planning major reconstructions we can arrange to be accompanied by a building expert.


Based on the documents and the inspection you receive an extensive assessment on price, yield and risks of the property (look here for a contents example). We focus on your personal interests, depending whether you want to own-occupy the property or rent it out on the market. Based on our analysis you can make an informed decision. Now you are even more enabled to discuss matters with the owner on equal footing. Quite often our clients achieve a price reduction. The reduction regularly exceeds the price of our services.


Our services have helped you and you have agreed with the owner on an acceptable price for both sides? What are the next steps to take? We offer you additional services and help you with the transaction and arrange things leading up to the notary appointment.